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Max Sports Omega 3 Fish-Oil


  • Triple strength formula: Potent dosages of EPA (560mg) and DHA (400mg) make it a triple strength formula encapsulated in a single capsule for your muscles, joints, heart, brain, and eye health
  • Ultra-purified: No lead, no mercury: It is molecularly distilled – a breakthrough extraction technique that allows high concentration extraction of fish oil for high EPA & DHA, while being pure and free of heavy metals like lead and mercury
  • Controls inflammation, protects body from wear & tear: With high doses of EPA & DHA,  Max Sports Omega-3 Fish Oil helps in reducing inflammation and soreness in muscles. It also helps in maintaining cholesterol levels and is proven to enhance cognition
  • Advanced delivery system with no fishy aftertaste: The capsules are made using an anti-reflux formula to ensure better absorption of fatty acids. The enteric coating of the capsules ensures that it leaves you with no fishy aftertaste


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